Client: AWGE X Under Armour
Role: Creative, Strobe Light Stunna
Under Armour gave A$AP Rocky and his AWGE collective free rein to design a shoe that was entirely their own. Pulling from the skate and rave cultures that defined Harlem in the ‘90s, they decided to resurrect the silouhette of the iconic Osiris D3. Taking its name from its inspirations, the Skate Rave Lo was born.

We were tasked with creating a launch event that melded the shoe’s dueling inspirations and could live up to the hype of the shoe itself. Using the skeleton of the iconic RKO Theatre, we built out a three-floor experience, that blended the art of @himumimdead with a Berghain-esque skatepark.

The Space
The ground floor was transformed into a pro-level skatepark, an AWGE-ed out retail experience sat above, and the top floor was crowned with a blacklight-bathed rave space.