Client: Target
Role: Creative, Writer, Oculus Aficionado
When you shop at Target, you leave with more than just “stuff.” You leave supporting hundreds of diverse entrepreneurs across the country, and building more of the world you want to live in.

The Film
Our decisions as consumers to support certain brands, can actually lift up small business owners and the communities they represent. We made a film that celebrates diverse entrepreneurs, and brought their brands, featured at Target, to the forefront.

Hall of Founders - Oculus Takeover 
We blended the grandiose stature that comes with hall of fames, and the inspirational story-telling of gallery spaces, to create an Oculus-sized Hall of Founders in NYC. Through conversations with these entrepreneurs, it felt important to give the public a chance to get to know the faces behind these businesses, and share the stories of how each one of them is paving a new path in their industry while celebrating their communities.