Client: Panera
Role: Creative, Writer, Caffeine Connoisseur
Panera launched a new naturally-caffienated lemonade to get people through their day. 

We had the opportunity to name it, learn that Guarana was a thing, learn how to properly pronounce that thing, then got everyone excited about the thing. 

The Film
Since our youth, people have flexed their latin skills on us by excessively inspired us with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem.’
But what they didn’t say that you have to be able to get through the day, before you can seize.

It’s easy to go full octane, when trying to sell caffeine, so we took a different approach and created a playfuly vibrant design system that focuses on the naturalness of guarana as well as our three debut flavors, in order to give this product launch the approachability of an everyday pick me up.