Mother Goods
Partners: Last Prisoner Project, Vibes
Role: Creative, Writer, Strategy, Spark Setter

Though many states have made strides in legalization, there are still thousands of Black men and women in prison for breaking laws that are no longer on the books. Which means that as millions of Americans smoke freely, many remain behind bars for the exact same action. We used the hypocrisy of these laws to turn passive smokers into activists for cannabis clemency.  

The Hypocrisy 
$15.7 million people arrested for marijuana offenses in the last decade, $47 billion spent annually on the war on drugs,
$10.4 billion legal marijuana industry sales for 2018 in the US, AND a President who plays both sides of the coin. 

The Mission
Tens of thousands of people are in prison for cannabis convictions. Many in legalized states. Too many are people of color.
In partnership with The Last Prisoner Project, this pack of Vibes rolling papers was made to help smokers become activists.

Release Papers 
In an effort to hold the President to his word, we encouraged smokers to roll one in order to help release someone. 
These rolling papers that lead smokers to the Last Prisoners Project’s petition for Cannabis Clemency, as well as spreading awareness of the injutices in the cannabis industry. 

Rolling trays that confront smokers, face-to-face, with the real lives impacted by unjust legislature.