Client: Shipt
Role: Creative, Writer, Aisle Avoider
A shopping list is just that – a list.
But Shipt Shoppers know that the items on your list are ingredients for something that means more. 

We created a campaign that shows that no matter how strange a shopping list might look, Shipt shoppers get more than just your order, they get you. 

The Films
Drawing from the opening title sequence of Napoleon Dynamite, and the films of Edgar Wright we used rapid mini-montages to enhance the mundane act of shopping and elevate our Shipt Shoppers to hero status. These are the stories of first-in-class, shopping professionals.

Midrolls - Official Delivery Service Of You
Shopping lists are like custom algorithms that correlate to your specific pantry. We played off that by using Youtuber’s niche watch histories to serve them up their own personal shopper who gets them. 

It’s their combination of shopping prowess and dedication that help our shoppers deliver on every order. We created ooh puzzles that gave consumers the chance to test their wits against the oddities of online orders.