Client: The Big XII Conference
Role: ACD
Director: 91 Rules

“Legacies collect dust if they’re not actively being built – Torch the past to light the future, because WE’RE ONLY AS GOOD WHAT WE DO NEXT”

The world of college sports is rooted in history and tradition, but even after 28 years of countless banners, trophies, and epic moments, the BIG XII continues to innovate with an insatiable hunger for progress. With the loss of two institutional powerhouses (Texas and Oklahoma), The BIG XII aims to make their mark as the only Power 5 school that can have a storied past and move at the speed of culture. This campaign served as a relaunch of the brand and an introduction to the new 16-strong, BIG XII.  

The Film
Tomorrow is here. This is the unguardable new vanguard. It’s always on our terms... on our turf. Finding endzones in every timezone. Turning tunnels into runways. Doing laps on ‘em... from the diamond to the rough. Our history lies ahead, which is why we stay lookin’ forward. It’s why “What’s Next?” is no longer a question, but a statement of who we are.